Is your medical practice victim of unsubstantiated, malicious and damaging reviews? If so, have you been contacted by the administrators of the review website, offering to delete or improve the review in exchange for a fee?

If so, please contact me to tell your story. My team is preparing a major case study of this modern, Internet extortion industry as part of the medical industries response to proposed changes to the ironically named § 230C of the Communications Decency Act. This so-called “good Samaritan” provision in this federal law, sweeping immunity to the websites that are extorting you, as well as Google and other search engines, against defamation litigation. Furthermore, unless you can identify the anonymous authors of the fake reviews, you cannot obtain injunctive relief through the courts for the removal of the content.

The administrators of this website have graciously agreed to forward any contact requests to me should you wish to be involved.

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