Our examination discovers many instances of artificial grievances submitted against JT. More than 75% of reviews are JT Foxx scam allegations. These are false and made up by people who are out to destroy JT.

Corrected JT Foxx Scam results

jt foxx scam score 92After eradicating counterfeit criticisms, JT’s reputation score is 92% or greater.

Electronic Forensic & Investigative Approaches Used in Determining Facts:

  1. Study all evaluations posted by the allegedly unhappy customers
  2. Reject commentators which are helping rivals based upon Internet Protocol address trace
  3. Set aside complaints that are submitted by “sock-puppet” people, which were brought into existence as disposable personas to:
    1. post untraceable scam complaints pertaining to JT Foxx and/or additional targets.
    2. recognition for competitors of JT: erase fictitious persona complaints based upon impractical geographic situations. For instance claiming to be at the JT Foxx event 51 minutes after also checking into a hardware shop 633km to the South.

Students standing up against the Scam allegations

Julie Solomon is one of the people who benefited greatly from JT. Following the advice that JT gave her, she incorporated Branding by Associating into her business. She was amazed by the results that followed: in the same months and three months after, Julie doubled her number of sales. After implementing more of the advice she received, her annual sales skyrocketed to 64.7% for the year. Besides her being a JT fan for life, she is also the living proof that the JT Foxx Scam statements are false.

Joshua looked into JT Foxx to find out if he was a scam. He found JT to be “genuinely not a scam“. He thinks JT is a guy with lots of knowledge and someone who is a great salesman with results as a track record. He found many people in the audience who had similar results like Julie Soloman. He continues that some people think the coach is over the top, but he adds that JT is for the “certain individual”. The person who wants to take the fast lane to get the multi-millionaire status. The coach is not for people who want to pursue a more reasonable, slower approach.

Students who have attended the coaching or Mega Success events or had experience with one of JT’s companies shared their experience on the main website as well as third-party review sites.

“I’m as poor as the next-door neighbour living beside me. But I value education and progress with what I learn. In just 3 months, I learned to read, write and speak Panjabi because I wanted to. I also paid for a six-month course to learn beginner Italian. But I still can’t speak or even read it. We learn as much as we put into it.

If you don’t have $5000, then you’ve scammed yourself. But if the event is worth it and you walk away from it with a memory, then why not! I’ve lost $5000 in two months on training on a horse at the track. You have to assess every day and choose to keep investing to see a return, or maybe it is a gamble, and you have to choose to stop. It’s your choice!”


“I first met JT FOxx in October 2016 at a free event in SA! I enjoyed every second! I went to his house in Thailand for Top1 and I was blown away! How much I have grown and how my business has grown is absolutely phenomenal. We are currently in the process of opening our first international branch for a company that is only five months old!

If you want to change your life, let yourself be coached by JT Foxx.”


“I fail to see a JT Foxx scam, as some people say. I loved every minute of JT Foxx. When there is no value for money, it’s a scam. But I sure have value for mine. Show me something better, and I will get into it.”
Roselyn Carasco


“JT is a really good salesperson. He was rubbing so many deals in our faces. I bet his last-minute $97 AUD was a neatly choreographed one. I mean, he literally told us that every word, every action was choreographed and practiced.

Also, great marketers aren’t Narcissistic. Famous people don’t go around to tell people they are famous, right? When was the last time you viewed a Lamborghini ad?

Nevertheless, as I am an open-minded entrepreneur myself, I enjoyed his ‘performance’ and got tons of value out of it! I didn’t need to go to his coaching programs, but I quickly learned what he did during his events! Good salesperson. Very convincing. I’ll use his strategies for my own business.

Look guys, just take the good and leave the bad. No reason to spend time focusing on the negative side. If we do, we learn nothing.”


“In this world, nothing in this world is free. Especially if you want to be successful, you need to pay money to get money. JT Foxx not gonna give u success, he will guide you & give you ideas on how to be successful, but you have to walk towards your success & the journey yourself. I guess as much as JT Foxx been through to get his success. The coaching event I have attended gave me so many ideas. In fact, I just achieved my dream to be a speaker. No Mather what, if u really want something in your life, you do whatever it takes! People are always scared & criticize others, coz they themselves can’t do it..”


“I attended a one-day seminar in Sydney and I was blown away by his knowledge and his passion. Everything he talked about was something I was wanted to know for a long time, but nobody I knew was able to tell me. I bought JT’s CDs and I am pretty much addicted to them now. I wish I could just be brainwashed by them! lol! I actually think it will happen eventually 🙂 It’s just been 2 weeks but the first meeting after listening to his CD went really well. I was so prepared! In fact, I am writing my business model as we speak, while I listen to his CDs. What a coach I have!! It’s sad to see that so many people write negative things about him… Well, everyone who does is just missing out! I can’t wait to attend the seminar next week. Thanks so much JT Foxx! Michelle”