GiftFly increased my customer base

I recommend every business owner out there that wants more customers to try out GiftFly. It worked great for my business. Unlike plastic gift cards, the customer is not losing approximately five dollars a month in administration charges. The onboarding is pain-free, and it is a fantastic means to raise sales. I found it makes clients more committed, and they come back for more.

I see the e-gift card service as a solution-in-a-box that permits my consumers, that already like my items, to buy gift cards online for their family and friends. This brings me a bigger client base that might not have ever visited otherwise.

“Thank you! During this time when everything is shut down, my daughter’s baby shower had to be postponed, and then postponed again, and then we saw online that people were doing “drive by” baby showers (and other events). I purchased this gift card for a diaper raffle prize. The process was very easy and I would recommend it!” – TrustPilot review

How I would explain GiftFly

It’s is a quick and very easy e-gift card option for your organization without having to manage plastic present cards. I found it very easy to set up. You will be able to integrate GiftFly on your website and Facebook page within minutes. This feature will give your consumers to the ability to buy and customize e-gift cards for their network, anywhere, anytime. I’m confident you will see an increase in sales, especially in holiday seasons.

How to set it up

GiftFly gift card appAfter signing up, your e-gift cards are promptly available on your organization’ website, Facebook page, and on GiftFly’s own website. Each “Gift-on-the-Fly” card has your brand name with your company information. Customers can acquire the e-gift card online, include a message to it and send it to a pal through Facebook or by email in seconds. Every digital gift card has a unique QR Code. The receiver can save the e-gift card on any smartphone or print it. They don’t require to download and install an app to purchase or retrieve a GiftFly. When a customer pays with the GiftFly, you utilize the GiftFly app on your iPhone or iPod Touch to check the QR Code. Then, the money will be instantly into your account. There are many Youtube videos that explain how to set it up and use it.

You can learn more about the service through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Crunchbase.