Infinity Group Australia Reviews Hijacked by ASIC Banned Defendants

This is one of the most interesting fake reviews cases we’ve studied. Graeme Holm was a state witness, called to testify against some investment scammers. The scammers were subsequently banned by ASIC. In response they exacted revenge against Graeme for his sworn testimony, by posting numerous fake and malicious reviews against Infinity Group Australia.

The full story can be read in this ABC article:

The truth behind the Infinity Group Australia Reviews

Some Infinity Group Australia reviews appear to be false and malicious. However, the business has an established reputation with multiple awards on its name. First of all, the director, Graeme Holm, is listed in the MPA top 100 brokers. Secondly, Optus Business Awards nominated Graeme’s business for customer service experience. And finally, the AFR included Infinity Group in the top 100 ingenious companies in 2018. On top of that, Infinity was called “A Solid Investment Company” by StartYourBusines Magazine.

Regardless of the false statements, Graeme and his team stay positive at all times. In an interview with George Baker, Graeme said he believes in maintaining a positive outlook. He believes his business achieves more results when unwarranted critics are ignored.

How it all started

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia in Port Macquarie in 2013. What started as presenting friends and family guidance on how best to make investments, swiftly converted into a corporation. Following their ambition, Infinity Group Australia grew out to have workplaces in Bella Vista and Cronulla (Sydney) Port Macquarie, Melbourne and also Brisbane.

Mission Infinity Group Australia

Graeme and Rebecca’s team at Infinity Group Australia are passionate financial advisors. These experts provide clienteles with a long-term plan for getting out of debt and creating wealth. Their passion shows in one of the Infinity Group Australia reviews from an employee: “I love that my job allows me to help my clients pay off their mortgages sooner. It enables me to assist in setting them up for a comfortable retirement. I can teach my clients how to better manage their money, taking the stress of worrying about money away.”

The results that Infinity’s experts are able to achieve for their clients speaks for itself: Clients pay off home loans with 30-year terms within 7-10 years on average. To achieve these results it’s all about getting the right structures in place, Graeme said in an interview. “By having a financial coach, sticking to a weekly cash-based budget and depositing all other forms of income directly into a fully transactional loan account, you reduce daily interest charges and learn to live on the weekly budget. If you combine these strategies without falling victim to excessive spending like those new shoes or that new Tech gadget, you can and will repay your home loan in record pace.”

Infinity Group Australia reviews

Graeme points out that Infinity Group Australia doesn’t have clients. Instead, they have financial family members. Infinity’s Facebook reviews and their testimonials from clients display how satisfied Infinity’s financial family members are feeling about the growth they experience. Someone else responded to an article from ChronicleWeek on Graeme and debt consolidation with the comment “Infinity Group Australia helps people with their financial goals. They are honest and tries to help people avoid debt consolidation. Graeme Holm and his team are getting people better deals. They are letting people know why they should avoid debt consolidation.”

Yelp Unfiltered Reviews investigated the fake Yelp reviews and found Infinity Group Australia to be a respectable investment group.

Authorized Reviews scored the business 5 stars after conducting their research into third party reviews.