“Pleasure to work with Enhance Product Development”

Enhance Product Development markets new products for their clients. The company holds over 50 years of experience in licensing, invention development, and product design. Enhance Product Development has brought various items to market. From complex multi-phased ventures to simple product ideas. From housewares and dog gadgets to workout tools.

The company holds a well respected reputation thanks to their customer service, knowledge and results. Enhance’s clients leave reviews across the internet, of which most credit the company 5 stars.

Enhance Product development reviews

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EnhancePD reviews

I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work with an amazing gifted team over at Enhance Product Development. Working with them has been an education on how to develop a simple or complex idea and make it a reality . It’s truly a feeling of great satisfaction knowing that the team is taking care of your intelligent property / IP assets / with Sterling integrity , all I need say to them is , make it happen and they do that and more . Thank you so much to all the team at Enhance for making my experience with you the most rewarding that anyone could find.

– James Mangano

“I am a client at Entrance… my experience so far has been very friendly positive and very enthusiastic to work with the representatives at the company thank you enhance for making this a positive experience.”

– Debbie Stewart

“It was a pleasure to work with Enhance to obtain a license agreement for a product of ours. We had tried to license products out on our own on multiple occasions but had failed to secure a deal due to contract issues. I was impressed by Enhance’s ability to maneuver a contract negotiation and quickly realized that this is one of their strong suits. Also, Enhance has a large portfolio of different companies that they can license a product to and they know which company fits a product the best.

Since successfully working with Enhance to license a product, we are now working on developing another idea of ours to bring to the market place. We sat down with their team and I enjoyed the ideation process and creativity the team brought to the table. The on-site engineers came up with concepts that I would never had thought of!

In closing, as an innovator, Enhance made my process much more seamless than pursuing a product/process in-house. I will be working with them on an ongoing basis from here on.”

– John Vadco

“If you have an invention and want to work with some great honest people, Enhance product development is the company i recommend. Just finished up our design with Jason and he did a wonderful job,very pleased with his performance and work and everybody else we have worked with so far.”

– Lisa

“Enhance is a stellar organization filled with passionate creative minds. Their dedication to customer service is surpassed by none other. This is my first foray into the world of product licensure. Enhance has guided me through the process every step of the way. The knowledge and creative insight they have provided are invaluable. This is a company that truly cares about the customers they serve and the dreams they help to make reality. Thank you Enhance.”

– Jahn Legh-Page