Company Reaction to Auto Connection Manassas Complaints

Auto Connection Manassas complaints are few, among the many positive reviews. However, Auto Connection will always address complaints if they are genuine. If one of the complaints was yours, then this team seems to genuinely want to hear from you to fix any issues you might have. Thanks to the majority of customers, this car dealer enjoys excellent reviews and would like to maintain that standard.

Over 700 of their clients have discussed their experience through third-party review pages on Google. The company genuinely cherishes the customers taking the effort to do so. People with a negative experience tend to share that experience more than people with a positive experience. This is why sometimes, even the few Auto Connection Manassas complaints can over power the positive ones.

Auto Connection is located on Centreville Road in Manassas, Virginia. They give a second or sometimes even a third chance to individuals who have been repeatedly turned away by other car dealers because of credit problems.

When you have an Auto Connection Manassas complaint

The team at Auto Connection works very hard to please all their customers. But if there is anything that caused an unpleasant experience and leave Auto Connection Manassas complaints they wish to hear from you to have the chance to make it right.

When you have any Auto Connection Manassas complaints, kindly contact the company via the contact details below. They would appreciate to hear from you.

Phone: 571-535-2737

In case you had a good experience with the car dealer, feel free to share this on one of the sites below. Or if you are aware of any fake reviews about the car dealer, please report these to us.

Countering the Auto Connection Manassas Complaints

“These experts will get you approved. My experience at Auto Connection was spotless. I finally got my car and I’m so delighted. They will work with you. Nelson Mercado helped me with my purchase, he was really respectful and helpful. I would recommend him to everyone who wants to buy a car. He will take care of you. Flawless and very easy to work with. Incredibly pleased!”.

  • Aaliyah W.

“Best place to buy a car. Auto Connection guided me out of a poor circumstance. I recently totaled my car and my insurance would not pay off the full balance, leaving me with owing $5,000 on a car I no longer possessed. This was creating an issue attempting to get financing on a new car and was straining me financially because I had to pay for a rental for weeks. By the grace of god I discovered Auto Connection who could finance me and get me a new car! They even provided gap insurance for me so I will never be in that scenario again.”

  • Maria Del Carmen G.